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Are You Really Happy In The WMSCOG?

April 29, 2021

Jordan, Kelsey Wells and Steve Matthews talk about the World Mission Society Church Of God (the mother god cult) and how it leads its members to a life of burden, guilt and mental, emotional, physical and spiritual exhaustion. Kelsey (a former WMSCOG member) shares the details of what her Saturday Sabbaths looked like and she describes all of the demands and requirements that were put on her and other members. For many WMSCOG members, their "Sabbath" day is the most unrestful and burdensome day of the week. Does this experience reflect a true obedience to the Sabbath and what the 4th commandment is really meant to be about?


Jesus said that his burden is "light" and his yoke is "easy." He promised that when we come to him we will find "rest" for our souls rather than finding more weight added. If your walk with God is leading you to a life of inner "restlessness" rather than "restfulness," then there is something deeply wrong with how you are approaching your faith.

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